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In the name o Allah, the benevolent, the merciful. It has been an obligation upon Muslims to propogate and pronounce the teachings which will bestow the humanity in general and Ummat-i-Muslimah in particular. Allah has commanded us to propogate goodness and good deeds and advice one another to remain away from ill - will and obsence deeds. With the view to revive the golden period, we muslims must parent the thoughts and teachings which were once the pre-requisites and gems for escalation of Muslim rule. However, this ummah fell prey to western designs and with the foul play of technology, we forgot our essence and essentiality of being bind to follow the principality upon which the idle State was established.

Keeping all these deficiencies we are addicted to the organization Jamaat-e-Islami J&K has taken the responsibility of donning this sensitive responsibility of reviving the forgotten doctrines. With this in mind, an endevor has been started way back in 1989 to equip the budding kids with Islamic rituals and beliefs. From the very establishment, the Institution has proved its metal by infusing into the society the individuals with Islam and its doctrines running down the veins. In the present era of competition and technology, the Institution too has shown a transition of owning the modern competitive methodology. As such, the Institution has introduced a system that will produce the rituals and ethics. We have started this endevor and by the will of Almighty Allah and the assistance of you people, hope the Institution will appear and came to surface with the lying colours. (Wa Salaam)

Our Curriculum

The educational programs is arranged all in all, with the point of giving a wide, adjusted and applicable program of concentrate for all. We are constantly building up our educational programs to accommodate the necessities of our understudies with the view that we can give a customized educational programs for all. This is set inside the system of the National Curriculum. We endeavor to encourage an energy for learning, with the comprehension that kept learning is critical to living in the present day world, which urges each understudy to achieve the most note-worthy conceivable scholastic guidelines. A extensive variety of educating and learning methodologies are utilized ward upon the age and phase of learning of the understudy. ata innovation is coordinated into the educational modules and is utilized to help and expand learning.


History is the testimony. By the grace of Almighty, the school has created great history. For last two and a half decades, the school has been showing the best performances regarding the annual academic results .The students of the institution have proved their worth in different fields of life. Especially the school feels proud in bestowing our society with the following personalties in different fields of life