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Oh, Almighty Allah remit the sins of these personalities bestow them paradise as a reward to them. Aameen

Once it was an established fact that the handle of education lies in the hands of Muslims, but today the situation is reverse. On global level 50% of Muslim children are out of school when only 3% of Christian are out of school! ( Young Muslim Digest Bengaluru)

In a population of 14 crore Muslims, the literacy rate of children of age group 0-14 years is only 49% i.e. 51% children of Muslim Community has never been to school.

There are so many Muslims as well as Muslim organizations feeding and taking care of orphans and widows, but our attention towards quality education is not up to the mare specially when Muslims divide the education into modern and religious ranks which otherwise need to be imparted under the same roof.

Keeping in view the above fact, Paradise English Medium School Chee was established in 1989 with intention that our children be able to learn latest knowledge, in order to compete in the fast growing world and at the same time achieve ethical values while learning Islamic knowledge. By the grace of Almighty Allah, the school has proved a lot in the past two decades.

The curriculum is framed in such a way that all subjects are taught with equal emphasis. Special care is given to Qur’an reading and comprehension .With regarding to Islam as the complete way of life, we intend to produce true slaves of Allah and hope that these slaves will work for the unity of Muslim Ummah

About Our Institution

Paradise English Medium School is a blended school. We are a comprehensive school whereby we expect both exclusive expectations of conduct and understudies to work to their full potential. The school is perceived for its minding condition where we enable people to create social mindfulness and urge them to pick up regard for themselves and each other.

We trust in working intimately with guardians all together that understudies can build up their capacities, aptitudes also, identities to the full. Our individual approach guarantees that we are completely mindful of the current qualities, and also regions for development, for our understudies. Working in organization with guardians guarantees exclusive requirements of value and achievement, in both a scholarly and a social setting.

Aims & Objectives

To prepare an Allah fearing human race

  • To take the education at the door steps of poor people within his income.
  • To construct the future of orphans by providing them special assistance.
  • To equip every student with computer education.
  • To provide conducive environment to every student for all-round development.
  • To pay special attention towards girl child.
  • To preserve Islamic culture by imparting Islamic education.

  • Well built, purposeful and fully equipped science laboratory
  • To construct the future of orphans by providing them special assistance.
  • Well resourced library.
  • First aid i. e medical facilities for kids.
  • Five kanals of play ground for playing.
  • Sports facilities are provided on preference basis.
  • Admissions are provided on the basis of merit obtained in screening test excluding pre-primary classes.
  • Subject specialists are provided to students.
  • NTT [Nursery Trained Teachers] and ETT [Elementary Trained Teachers] are provided to students.
  • A calendar of Co-curricular activities for complete session.
  • Online date sheet and result facilities are provided.
  • Play things for preprimary kids.

The school is affiliated to Board of School Education Srinagar .N.C.E.R.T curriculum is being taught in the school. In addition, we are teaching Britannica special series for kids up to 5th class to strengthen their foundation. Moreover , the school is being run under the patronage of F.A.T. J&K and local management.


The school is located at Chee near Khaarpoora. The aesthetic sense of school location is unparalleled. There is natural greenery and vegetation seen in and all around the school.

The atmosphere seems a mini piece of paradise that is why the school is known by the name of Paradise English Medium School Chee Anantnag.

Our Curriculum

The educational programs is arranged all in all, with the point of giving a wide, adjusted and applicable program of concentrate for all. We are constantly building up our educational programs to accommodate the necessities of our understudies with the view that we can give a customized educational programs for all. This is set inside the system of the National Curriculum. We endeavor to encourage an energy for learning, with the comprehension that kept learning is critical to living in the present day world, which urges each understudy to achieve the most note-worthy conceivable scholastic guidelines. A extensive variety of educating and learning methodologies are utilized ward upon the age and phase of learning of the understudy. ata innovation is coordinated into the educational modules and is utilized to help and expand learning.


History is the testimony. By the grace of Almighty, the school has created great history. For last two and a half decades, the school has been showing the best performances regarding the annual academic results .The students of the institution have proved their worth in different fields of life. Especially the school feels proud in bestowing our society with the following personalties in different fields of life